Crisis & Conflict Resolution

Me the Leader draws on the life experiences of its trainers and teachers.

Crisis and conflict in the workplace or home can be so destructive and Me the Leader will help you work things through to find a solution.

This can save you so much financial, emotional and personal heartbreak. Me the Leader will help you to develop trust within the team by helping you to develop your Conversational Intelligence. Me the Leader’s founding member (Nick Jarrold) has over 15 years experience as a Hostage Negotiator in the British Police Service and has successfully negotiated a resolution in a wide variety of situations including life-saving suicide intervention, domestic sieges where hostages were being kept against their will and kidnap situations.

He will call on his experience to help you find your resolution to whatever crisis you have, combining his problem-solving and enhanced conversational and communication skills.

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If you feel you and your organisation could benefit from more Conversational Intelligence and trust, Me the Leader could help devise a bespoke programme.

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