The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye

Festival and event Safeguarding, vulnerability and welfare services.

People to manage traffic, people to park cars, people to check tickets, people to sell food, drink and merchandise.

People to protect the fence, people to evict troublemakers, people to stop fights and disorder and people to pick up litter.

People to assist with First Aid and medical assistance.

The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye at Festival - Me the leader.

Performers, artists, musicians and storytellers and festival and event customers…there are lots of people at every event and every venue but who is there to focus on protecting the vulnerable from harm? Who is there actively looking to Safeguard your customers and staff, their friends and family?

We provide that Listening Ear and watchful eye at your festival or event. Our team are all Police vetted or DBS checked and come from a variety of backgrounds in supporting vulnerable people and providing welfare and Safeguarding services. former Police Officers, NHS staff, teachers, coaches and carers provide a real breadth of experience in supporting those in need who may have a problem at your event.

We provide a safe place for the vulnerable and those who need Safeguarding. This does include lost and found children.

The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye is a brand new service designed solely to protect vulnerable people at your event or venue, from harm, Safeguarding and signposting those who may need help and support.

As an organiser, you have responsibility and accountability for what happens at the event and this ever increasing burden increases the risk to you if things go wrong. There are recent tragic examples where people have died or suffered significant harm, simply because no-one noticed them and their state of vulnerability at the time.

The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye watching over vulnerable at festival

So what does The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye provide in terms of service to you and your customers? In simple words, we look out for people who are vulnerable and at risk, and take action to reduce or remove that risk. We help you to save lives and reduce harm to those who may be, or have become vulnerable at your event.

We do not provide security services, we do not provide medical help. We do not diagnose and we do not treat

What we do….We provide a very visible presence across the event reassuring your customers and identifying and responding to potential safeguarding and vulnerability incidents.

People may be vulnerable through either personal factors or situational factors. Here are some practical examples of how The Listening Ear and the Watchful Eye can respond and help.

  • Re-uniting lost and found children with their parents and carers.
  • Engaging with vulnerable people who may just need to talk
  • Signposting and liaising with other onsite services (Police, Security, Medical staff, organisers)
  • Pop-up Mental Health and wellbeing information point.
  • Provide First Aid for Mental Health.
  • Start conversations in a safe space about mental wellbeing using the Connect5 NHS public health initiative.
  • Running Mental Health and wellbeing workshops.

Call us now for a conversation about how this could work at your festival or event. We would look to provide an individual service depending on your unique needs. Contact Nick on 07736 727209 or via our online form.