My Best for My Team… take part in the new workshop.

My Best for My Team

Build trust in the Team, engage with each other properly, share, create and innovate. How great could that be?

At Me the Leader we are blend Principle-centred Leadership and team building with the science of how the brain works. How can you expect to be the best that you can within a team, if you don’t understand the basics of Neuro-science? Get the chemical mix right by understanding what happens when we are presented with a stimulus….do we move towards it and embrace it…or do we ‘freeze’ or ‘run away’?

I can think of so many teams that I have been part of where conflict and fear and mis-trust have taken over…now I know why. The ‘Chimp’ part of the brain (Amygdala) keeps us safe but also can take over and prevent that really great synergy that you get when a team works well. As a Leader in the Police, I can also remember when things went well for the team and why that happened. You can learn new ways and set up new ‘pathways’ or tracks in the brain to help you to be the best you can be as a team player and Leader.

I am now offering a one day workshop (My Best for My Team) at a concessionary price of £100/person (plus VAT  to keep the Government happy!) This will be for the first 3 workshops only as I work with you and your teams to develop the workshop. I can offer exclusive workshops for the whole team (minimum 8, maximum 20) or you can mix and match with other teams. The workshop will combine indoor work with the great outdoors to make the day a real experience.

Learn how to be part of an Intelligent team that moves towards its potential where trust, imagination and creation become the norm. Call me now to have an intelligent conversation about your team.

One of the leading authors in the field of Neuro-Leadership is Dr David Rock…watch the short video of his view on Neuro Leadership and getting the best from relationships.