Nick delivering humanitarian leadership

Nick delivering ‘Humanitarian’ leadership in countries coming out of conflict and with strategic significance on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government and the College of Policing. Nick continues to work with Police and Public service providers in a wide variety of countries and areas of the world.

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This time last year, I had just returned from Libya, where I had designed and delivered some basic leadership programmes for the Libyan Police. Great people with a real enthusiasm for change post Gaddafi. Sadly, just after leaving, things deteriorated in terms of governance, security and progress. I am sure it will get back on line soon in this great country.

12 months ago, I was just about to embark on the first of two visits to Freetown in Sierra Leone. I spent 8 weeks working with some Senior Police Officers from Sierra Leone and Liberia developing and delivering a strategic Leadership Programme to help them in their new roles as ‘Agents of Change’ for a better Police Service. I left in July and sadly have not been able to return (yet) to complete the programme due, of course, to the tragedy that was and still is….Ebola! How can it be fair that on top of everything else in terms of poverty, famine and corruption, this beautiful part of West Africa gets decimated by a killer disease? But…Ebola is apparently nearly under control…so these great friends will face better times soon. They were all a true inspiration to me and I long to return soon and meet them again.