Where does Motivation come from?

Having just returned home from delivering a Leadership foundation Course to Qatari Police Officers in Doha, I ask myself this question about motivation. Who can Motivate you, or me, to be the best we can be?

The reason I ask is that after reflection on this last 2 weeks of leadership training, my training partner and I faced very different approaches from the students, to the learning opportunity they had. The course was part of a legal requirement for them to attend in order to achieve their next promotion. So they had to be there…but they didn’t have to participate. Whilst a good proportion took the opportunity to become the best that they could be as leaders…some simply didn’t. They were there..but hadn’t really ‘turned up’.

This was re-enforcement for me that the motivation to do well and develop must come from within the individual. Some motivational theories suggest that you, as the leader, trainer, boss etc, can ‘motivate’ others. I say ‘No’…A great leader will create the environment for learning and development to take place, but it is the individual who must decide whether to take the opportunity. What do you think?

Time off in Doha at Al Corniche

Time off in Doha at Al Corniche