About us

Me the Leader provides its service via short modules, workshops and accredited courses to improve our mental health, wellbeing and provide a First Aid approach to those clearly in crisis. It does this in the local community by first engaging, then starting conversations about mental health and then providing short interventions to support people and their communities of geography, work or family. Me the Leader has its foundations in developing you as a leader.

At Me the Leader we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be inspired to become the best they can be as leaders. We believe in the individual and that everyone is different.

At Me the Leader we craft core and individual, unique programmes that provide real opportunities that focus on you so that you can learn, live, love and leave your leadership legacy.

At Me the Leader we create programmes to inspire. Environments that are safe and rich in potential for you to learn and develop and take part, share and engage.

If Me the Leader does work with you, then the venue is important. You may already have a venue in mind that could work well.

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Nick Jarrold is the founder of Me the Leader. Find out more about Nick

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