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Me the Leader is about leadership in any situation and context . . . the leader at work, the teacher, the youth leader, the volunteer leader, the parent, the team captain.

Just think of all the situations where we ‘lead’. This starts with you…how do you lead yourself?

Me the Leader is for individuals and businesses who want their leaders to be the best they can be and be authentic and true, character based and principle based.

Me the Leader puts you at the centre of the process and takes you through logical stages to develop your leadership character, starting with you as an individual and progressing in stages through to you leading others.

Me the Leader programmes try to reach the simplicity that exists on the far side of complexity…Me the Leader programmes will be fun and challenging and simple and focussed on you. Because Me the Leader puts you at the centre, it will draw on you and your uniqueness, it will help you to identify what you need to do to be the best you can be.

Me the Leader commits to having a Social Conscience and a Social Responsibility….everything we do will consider the impact we are having on the world. Me the Leader can also help you and your leaders have this mindset, this way of thinking. What we do must be congruent to the planet we share. Me the Leader will help you to think about the legacy you leave.

Public Sector . . . Yes

Private Sector . . . Yes

Third and voluntary Sector . . . Yes

The Family . . . Yes

The Individual . . . Yes

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Me the Leader is for people who know they can be better . . . and want to be better. To businesses who know they are letting their leaders down by not helping them to develop their true worth and potential.

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