Me the Leader Core Programme

Me the Leader differs in approach in that it does not fill you with just theory and models.

Not at all….Me the Leader starts from ‘you’.

What would be the effect if you changed your mind set? The way you see things. Me the Leader will help you to ‘Start with Why’…why do you do what you do? What driving values, beliefs and inspirations get you up in the morning? What is your dream?

What makes me…me?

Then we progress to look at the ‘Circle of Life’ where the message is ‘Don’t worry…Be Happy’. Explore what concerns you and what you can focus on, what you can influence.

Next…Begin with the end! Here we try to focus on the future. What are you trying to achieve? How will you get there. Do you know what the ‘End’ looks and feels like?

Then you’ve got to put first things first…how to establish the wheat and the chaff? Managing yourself, because you can’t manage time!

So far it has been about sorting your own stuff out. Only you can do this, take ‘response ability’, then what about the people you lead. Now we focus on that part of leadership. The public face of being a leader.

Now its working and leading in the public arena and negotiating Win4U, Win4Me with those around you…your team, your colleagues, friends, customers.

Next in this public arena of leadership, Me the Leader helps you to become a Complete and Intelligent communicator. You will gain new skills around really listening to understand the other person. No longer will you listen just waiting for the opportunity to ‘say what you think’. Trying to understand others first and then being understood will open up so much potential for you and your team.

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) can be developed so that when you communicate, you build trust with others, leading to a real quality in the conversations you have. Conversations become valuable and meaningful.

Me the Leader will help you develop ways to get the very best out of yourself and the people you work with. Its about a type of synergy that you wont even have realised existed. Its a higher way, an alternative way where working together provides a ‘third alternative’.

Me the Leader takes a very different approach to how you work and live your life outside of your work. Me the Leader looks at you as a ‘whole’. There is a focus on you as a ‘whole’ person…. your body, your mind, your heart and spirit. Whatever your beliefs, Me the Leader provides you with the chance to decide how you will Review, Refresh, Renew and Recharge.

Me the Leader can help you by giving an understanding of how the brain works. Me the Leader transforms the science of neuro-leadership into a really straightforward and simple understanding of what goes on inside our brains.

Now is the time to really plan as to how you intend to really engage your team, your family, whoever you lead. It wont just happen, you need a plan…and you need to carry out your plan. Me the Leader will help you decide on the ‘What’ and the ‘how’ as well as always ‘Starting with Why’.

The great thing about the Me the Leader core programme is the flexibility to help you in all types of situation. You progress from a ‘private’ development of your leadership style, to the ‘public’ face of your actual delivery of being a leader. It also informs and develops your understanding of how the brain works and how you can really engage with those around you.


We will start by exploring who you are, why you do the things you do, where does it all come from and what you might think about changing. When we work with you, then the venue is important. You may already have a venue in mind that could work well.

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Me the Leader has exclusive access to a fantastic rural learning place….taking yourself away can really maximise the chance to develop. This venue is special…a completely new experience and a new way of learning and developing. Let us think carefully about the ‘Where’?

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