Nick Jarrold

Nick Jarrold is the founder of Me the Leader.

Nick believes that we all ‘lead’ throughout our lives.

First Aider for Mental Health Trainer - Nick Jarrold, Exeter, Devon

Nick’s inspiration, his ‘why’ come from his experiences of leading and being led. Recognising great leadership, aspiring to be a great leader, and remembering what it is like to be on the receiving end of poor leadership, he believes we all deserve the opportunity to become the best we can be as leaders.

He is inspired to help you focus on inspiring others as you travel along your leadership journey.

Nick Jarrold - Director of Me the Leader

Nick believes in justice, community safety and fairness. He has spent 30 years of his working life as a Police Officer in the UK specialising in Community Problem Solving, Neighbourhood Policing and Hostage Negotiation.

He has held leadership positions throughout his life from the front-line to the Senior level. It is his desire to see others being the best they can be that inspires him now…enabling everyone to have the opportunity to make their contribution.

Nick is fully qualified as a Teacher/Trainer in the UK and has delivered and designed learning opportunities throughout his working life. He has worked extensively overseas in areas coming out of conflict, in countries enduring extreme poverty, as well as across the UK helping other leaders develop into becoming the best they can be. He works in a way that crosses cultural and religious boundaries bringing people together.

Nick has professional membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI)  and the Education and Training Foundation (UK).

Nick has Qualified Teacher and Learning Skills (QTLS) status.

Nick partners with like-minded teachers/trainers all of whom have a recognised training qualification. By collaborating with other specialists, he is able to offer you a comprehensive solution with the capacity to deliver.

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He currently works as an associate of the CreatingWE Institute UK and the Caritas Anchor House learning and development academy. He regularly travels overseas as an associate of the College Of Policing UK.

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